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Vector Arms is a Manufacturer of *UZI replicas, AK replicas and Browning pistols.


AK47 Products

Vector is now offering AK-47's, with our excellent quality and 5 yr. warranty. Built from Hungarian and/or Polish parts along with legally required American parts. Available with black poly furniture, blonde wood furniture, pinned open under folder stock, or pinned open side folder stock


AK47 Products

The *UZI has been around long enough to be thoroughly battle-tested as one of the easiest-to-maintain and most reliable subguns ever made. The simple design and tolerant specifications allow any grade of 9mm ammo to be used.


AK47 Products

We still have a few of the most desirable of all FN Browning High Power Pistols! These factory slotted and tangent pistols are brand new in the box and are the last made and assembled in Belgium.

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*UZI is a registered trademark of IWI, Israel and is used here only as a reference to a style or type of weapon, and does not appear on Vector’s weapons. Vector is not affiliated with IWI in any way.
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